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Kiara Stationery Collection© is designed by Chiara, aged 14 years. She has always loved to draw and paint, since her very earliest childhood.
The blue and green Graffiti Series are her first finished stationery collections.  
She is currently working on new designs for future collections.

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Kiara Stationery Collection© is hand-manufactured in Italy, combining high quality materials and world-renowned Italian crafstmanship to produce top-of-range stationery articles: excellent, beautiful and durable.  

Chiara says about the Graffiti Series:
"In my opinion, graffiti represents better and more clearly than anything else the essence of our modern-day youth, in its various aspects: its dynamism--- the energy of  the young, expressed in the movement of shapes; the strong and brilliant colours--- joie de vivre, fresh and unleashed hope, the triumph of colours over urban greyness; scheming and provoking irreverence. Graffiti want to be vivacious, colourful, disorderly, unusual, innovative, expressive. The peculiarity and inconstance of the forms suggest a never-ending search for style, that wants to be unique and original, and to transmit states of mind through colours, shapes and general artistic composition.